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Training courses

Sure that greater technical knowledge of our products and their applications is essential to an optimal relationship between our Group and the market, we have provided courses at various levels of sellers, suppliers and customers. The basic courses are four, but with large possibility of personalisation. 

Basic pneumatic course

The course (lasting one day) is intended for both designers in technical departments and maintenance personnel. The main covered topics will be physics of pneumatics, cylinder functioning and symbols, valves and compressed air units. A general text on pneumatic technique will be used, as well as technical sheets and selected products. 

Equipment sizing
Reserved to designers from technical departments who have already attended the basic course or already have fundamental technical knowledge, the specialised course lasts only a half-day. On the agenda, a number of major topics for operators, such as calculation of the sizing of automatic actuators and the regulation of their speeds, valves selection, the sizing for the unit for air treatment and of the connection tubes, and software supports. Tables have been prepared as teaching aids that illustrate the strengths and consumption of air in the cylinders, as well as tables of valves and tube capacity. “Easy sizer” CD software will be used. 

Equipment maintenance
This course is dedicated to maintenance personnel who have already attended the basic course or have already acquired analogous training. The training, which lasts one day, deals with a number of important issues for those responsible for the efficient operation of installations, going from the types of maintenance to the interpretation of the pneumatic scharts, to the relationship between them and the electromechanical systems, to the selection of the most adequate pneumatic components. In addition to a text describing different types of maintenance (preventive, predictive or extraordinary), both the pneumatic and electrical systems and the production programmes of the installations are studied. 


Advanced course

Lasting an entire day, this course is intended for both Metal Work commercial personnel and resellers and designers in customers’ technical departments. In addition to a presentation about Meta Work new products, the training focuses on the close examination of topics regarding products, which the course participants are particularly interested on

The course can be held at our premises ar at customer's ones.

For further details or organization please apply to our Sales assistance (+39 030 21 87 105) or click here.

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